Job Opportunities

If you are applying for a job listed below, please print and complete a Town of Enfield Job Application. You may mail the application to Town of Enfield, P.O. Box 699, Enfield, NC 27823, fax to (252) 445-1019 or e-mail to  You need to have Acrobat Reader installed to open and print forms.

Part-Time Town Administrator
    PART TIME TOWN ADMINISTRATOR: Enfield, NC is seeking a part time Town Administrator to manage day-to-day operations of the town. The successful applicant will be energetic, creative and innovative. Must be able to manage successfully many projects simultaneously and be experienced in managing a diverse workforce. Additional requirements include: demonstrated success in creating a positive image, market products and ideas, motivate both staff and volunteers and experience in government relations.

    Experience working successfully with elected volunteer leadership is necessary. Familiarity with government grants and aid programs is desired. Knowledge of revitalization programs and experience in the public sectors is a plus. Batchelor degree in accounting or business, considerable experience in public administration; Ability to pass alcohol and drug test. Application may be addressed to Patricia Whitaker, Town of Enfield, P.O. Box 699, Enfield, NC 27823. Applications may be obtained from the town office or from our website The Town of Enfield is an equal opportunity employer. Application will be accepted until the position is filled however for full consideration, application should be received by September 3, 2014.

    Patricia Whitaker
    Town of Enfield
    P.O. Box 699
    Enfield, NC 27823

    Applications may be obtained from the town office or from The town of Enfield is an equal opportunity employer.

Police Department
    Full time and Part time Police Officers: The required qualifications are: High School diploma, valid NC Driver's License, possession of Basic Law Enforcement Certificate and completing the requirements established by the NC Justice Training and Standards for Certified Law Enforcement Officers.

    Police Detective: requires High School Diploma, valid NC Driver's License; possession of Basic Law Enforcement Certificate and completing the requirements established by the NC Justice Training and Standards for Certified Law Enforcement. Essential Duties and Tasks: conducts initial and follow-up investigations of criminal incidents; interviews persons in connection with criminal incidents including victims, witnesses, and suspects; secures crime scenes, collects, and establishes chain of custody; and preserve physical evidence; processes evidence through on-site identification technology and use of state and local laboratories. Prepares and reviews written reports of investigative activities; arrests of offenders; testifies in court regarding investigative activities. Establishes effective contacts with the public, informants, coworkers, district attorney staff, and other law enforcement departments to gain information related to criminal activities, conducts surveillance develops leads and cooperates with other law enforcement agencies to investigate, locate, apprehend, and arrest offenders. Participates in special narcotics investigations, surveillance, and related programs and activities. Coordinates Crime Stopper or other related programs and a minimum of five years experience in detective work.

    Captain: requires High School Diploma, extensive experience in police administration (including considerable supervisory experience and not to have been suspended for more than 16 hours within the last (12) months of application date, except in cases where the hours of suspension are based solely on non-criminal damage to City Property.) Performs difficult protective service and difficult administrative work managing the activities of a division within the Police Department; does related work as required. Work is performed under general supervision. Supervision is excised over subordinate division personnel. The tasks are planning, organizes, directs, coordinates, and supervises the activities of the operations, Administrative or Community Services Divisions; assist with the overall administration of the Police Department; supervise subordinates and enforce rules and regulations of the agency; plans and directs work of Police Lieutenants, Sergeants, Investigator Officers, and other staff; reviews and coordinates activities of various shits and other duties assigned by the Chief.

    The Town of Enfield is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applications may be obtained from the Enfield Police Department, Town Office or from our website at The application maybe mailed to P.O. Box 699 Enfield, NC 27823. Applications will be accepted until June 17th, 2014.