The Town of Enfield City Council acts as the legislative branch of our government, as well as its policy-making body. The Council looks to the city's goals, major projects and infrastructure improvements ranging from community growth to land use to finances and strategic planning. The Council's goal is to do the very best to represent their constituents after they've seen to the needs of the city as a whole.

Who Are They

Commissioner Bobby Whitaker

  • My goals are to see our town flourish again by working diligently with the mayor and commissioners to promote economic growth by bringing businesses back to employ our citizens and to also modernize our community.
  • Ensure safety by patrolling neighborhood and form a community watch. Create a range of activities and workshops to help prevent student drop out, gang activity and drugs. To beautify 301 and to make Enfield, our oldest town in Halifax County a national landmark.

Commissioner Kent Holmes

  • Strive to make fair, responsible, and objective decisions for the citizens of Enfield.
  • Work to improve the streetscape of Enfield by developing a plan for landscaping the downtown area and supporting the tree board to help maintain our urban forest.
  • Support local citizen’s groups efforts to revitalize the downtown area.
  • Work to improve neighborhoods by removing dilapidated and condemned structures as quickly as possible.

Commissioner Tracey Joyner

  • To work with all constituents to make Enfield a greater place to live and work.
  • To have one hotel built for our local needs.
  • To be an approachable commissioner that the people of Enfield will be able to voice their opinions and needs.

Commissioner Bud A. Whitaker

  • Pull together as a whole to improve the living and working conditions of our Town.
  • To see more business come to the Town, for example, a mini mall, which will bring more jobs for citizens in Enfield.
  • To make Enfield more attractive and improve the quality of life for all citizens of Enfield.
  • To beautify, improve and revitalize downtown Enfield.
  • To see housing improvements throughoutï the Town.

Commissioner Kenneth Ward

  • Practice civility and foster healthy racial dialogue and relations
  • Upgrade the town's website to be user friendly and available to process electronic payments
  • Look for innovative ways to address some of the town's systemic issues
  • Recruit and support qualified and dedicated town employees
  • Explore options to recruit new businesses
  • Advocate and represent ALL constituents, especially our youth and seniors